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  A unique site in the heart of an exceptional terroir

Our oyster farm is located on Oleron Island in the center of the bassin Marennes-Oleron.
Connected directly to the sea allows us to cultivate 25 hectares of claires. Just as vineyards bring character to certain wines, the claire has the effect on oysters of natural exchanges and conditions which are never identical, depending on exposition, location and quality of the ground.

Our passion ... The culture of oysters ...

our core business .... The finishing in claires is a know-how transmitted from generation to generation. It is during this process that the oysters acquire the subtleties of regional flavours. The claires, situated between the land and the sea, are the reflection of those two environments.





he production... Over 40 years of experience

  • We manage the entire production life cycle from the reproduction until the finishing in claires.


ur requirement...

  • Our passion has been rewarded since 1998 by over 19 distinctions granted by the "Concours Général Agricole de Paris", the European Masters of the degustation and the concours des "Produits Régionaux".


ur expetise...

  • The oyster "fine de claire verte Label Rouge"
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