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  Fonteneau Oysters & Chefs de cuisine


ur Oysters… a nearly perfect food…

  • Our products offer a wide range of recipes. Oysters are delicious raw, but can be cooked various ways – from grilled and topped with Fennel Butter to deep-fried and stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes and spicy remoulade inside a po’boy. Give your creativity free rein!

Serve our Spéciale Réserve as an aperitif

huitres Marennes Oléron - éleveur affineur expediteur

  • Oysters are perfect to be served as both – a luxurious aperitif or a main dish within an exquisite menu. They can be eaten raw, served with ice with a squeeze of lemon juice or as a creative, delicious and exclusive main course – with oysters you can do nothing wrong.

Set up your own appetizer with our Spéciale Oyster La Réserve and take your guests on a culinary journey throughout the world

huitres Marennes Oléron - éleveur affineur expediteur

  • Accompany your menu with different tastes from all over the world: for instance Chorizo (Latin America), Sushi (Japan) or traditionally with Foie Gras (France)

Feeling more ambitious: Serve Oysters as a gourmet main dish

huitres Marennes Oléron - éleveur affineur expediteur

  • Surprise your friends with cooked, smoked bacon wrapped oysters, accompanied by flavorful, delicious mushroom risotto. The typical iodate hint of our oysters gives you plenty of scope for culinary creations. What are you waiting for!
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