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pen an oyster...

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ur requirement...

  • Our passion has been rewarded since 1998 by over 19 distinctions granted by the "Concours Général Agricole de Paris", the European Masters of the degustation and the concours des "Produits Régionaux".


ur expetise...

  • The oyster "fine de claire verte Label Rouge"


oysters Marennes Oléron

  • ■ Cultured on the French Atlantic coast
  • ■ Finished or cultured in claire ponds in the Marennes Oléron basin
  • ■ Certified by an independent inspector
  • ■ Quality controlled by the quality service and independent inspector
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  Our passion ... The culture of oysters ...


ur Oysters... Over 40 years of experience

  • We manage the entire production life cycle from the reproduction until the finishing in claires.


" Fine de Claire Marennes Oléron"

huitres Marennes Oléron éleveur affineur expediteur
  • It is a more juicy oyster with a refined taste and less fleshy.

"Fine de Claire Verte Marennes Oléron - Label Rouge"

producteur huitres Marennes Oléron
  • For lovers of green oysters with a refined taste.

"Spéciale de Claire Marennes Oléron"

producteur huitres fine de claire Marennes Oléron
  • For lovers of meaty oysters with a pronounced flavour, longer on the palate.

"Pousse en Claire Marennes Oléron - Label Rouge"

huitres speciales Marennes Oléron
  • An exceptional product, rare in quantity. The oysters offers a very meaty bite in which you will discover all the unique flavours of our Claires.

"Spéciale Fonteneau - La Réserve"

pousse en claire huitres Marennes Oléron ostreiculteur
  • The oysters, part of the selection "La Réserve", have been chosen on a very high level of quality criteria's. The oysters offer a firm texture and a very unique flavour "wild and sweet". La reserve is the result of over 41 years expertises acquired in culturing and finishing in Claires our production on a very unique site, heritage from the previous generations.

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